Tips on Wearing a Suit in Summer

Don't wear too many stripes – rule of thumb, keep one item plain.

Don't be sloppy. It's a suit: Get it tailored - it’s amazing what a €15 nip-tuck can do.

Do feel comfortable dressing your summer suit down with  a pair of converse.

Do..accessorise. Polish off the out-fit with a tie clip, a pocket square and lapel flower.

Navy Suit: If you only have one suit in your wardrobe, make it a single-breasted navy suit. Solid navy three piece suit accompanied with tan shoes. It is timeless and ideal for any occasion whether it is small or large, work or wedding orientated. Plus, have you ever noticed navy always looks good with anyone’s complexion?

Sky Blue: The recent return of the pastel blue suit makes a great alternative to the common navy suit. Best to tone it down with a dark navy tie and dark brown shoes.

Grey Suit: Sure, there are fifty shades of grey. Choose the Palest One.
Conventional wisdom says your grey suit should fall on the darker side of the spectrum. Let's smash the conventional wisdom. Once the weather warms up, pale gray is flat-out cooler—in every sense of the word.

Brown Suit: Like navy, brown is always versatile, looks excellent with brown and black shoes and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Brown is neutral and easily matched with nearly all complexions. A slim-fitted brown three piece suit with a black skinny tie and pocket square suggests the classic 60’s look.
Maroon Suit: The past couple of decades the standard suit colours have been the typical grey, black and navy shades. Maroon is a stand-out colour that breaks the stereotypical image of suits. This summer why not step out of your comfort zone with a slim fitted three piece maroon suit.

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