What boy or man doesn't groan when that event is creeping on the horizon? Between the suits, planning the meal/venue and relatives, it can all get a bit overwhelming. 
So, why not start with getting over the first hurdle -- your attire. Choosing the perfect suit is half the battle when it comes to attending a communion or confirmation. Thankfully, we are here to help with some tips that make putting together the right outfit.

Purchase - don’t rent. 
Most men go the rent-a-suit route, considering that you probably plan on wearing the suit for just a few hours. But rented suits never fit properly and always look used. Break the mould and buy.

 You should look formal and feel dapper, not like you’re giving a PowerPoint presentation. Suiting up in something new rather than a rental or work suit is the first step. Go for light colours, a three piece, and be adventurous in your choice. We guarantee it’ll pay off.
 A three piece suit is very versatile and can be used as a two piece for work or any occasion.

For your wedding you may be tempted to break out the bells and whistles. This day, after all, is only supposed to come around once. But despite your best instincts, your energy and hard earned money is better spent on tailoring. An inexpensive but impeccably cut suit will look like a million bucks. A good suit should hug your shoulders, not slouch off them. Some think they're a size larger than they are i.e. a 42 regular instead of a 40. When buying a suit, try sizing down.


Show Some Cuff!

Your suit sleeves should end just above the hinges of your wrists, so a quarter to half inch of shirt cuff shows. It's like the frame on a painting, the elegant finishing touch. 

Taper, Taper, Taper
Your jacket should contour to your body. This will accentuate your shoulders, whether you've got strong ones or not.

Recap:The main advantage of buying your suit is the fact that it will fit your body type perfectly.  Following the big day or event, the fact that you have your own suit in the wardrobe is a comfort, knowing you're prepared for any formal occasion that may arise. Whether it's a communion, a wedding, the Galway races, or a job interview, you're covered!